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What I Do

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I take a full funnel approach. I look at the user acquisition and retention. These two work hand in hand and it is key to integrate them to grow with a sustainable CPA.


Key areas I can support you with : 

  • Paid Advertising (META, Pinterest, Google, Youtube Display, OTT and more) 

  • Creative Strategy

  • Customer positioning

  • Email Marketing 

  • Website Optimisation 

Ecommerce | Growth marketing | Brand | Creative

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Growth Marketing
Every Step of the way

User Acquisition & Retention 

Deep dive into the different. channels to identify key opportunities, to acquire new customers in an efficient way against the CPA* goal.

On the retention side I focus on the customer journey and customer feedback. Retention is often left behind but essential for sustainable growth.

*CPA = cost per acquisition

Customer Positioning

I like to start at the foundation - the Customer. Who is the customer, what are their needs, what are we saying what are we selling and what do the creatives look like. 

Creative Strategy

A solid creative strategy is everything in the online advertising world! In my experience the best creatives come to life by co-creation between many different teams in the business. We will look at past/current creative performance,  industry research and define key several elements.  From there we will start creating and testing, testing and testing! 

Email Marketing

Email flow and/or newsletter analyses, strategy and creation. 

Lizette de Groot
“My marketing mantra =
Customer First."

Recommended by.

 Michael Kuech - CEO & Founder Your Super

“‘Liz is smart hardworking marketing genius who has the unique skill to understand the creative and the numbers to figure out solutions to unlock ways to grow revenue.”

Sarah Wilkinson - 

Interim Senior E-Commerce Director Jimmy Choo

'Liz has a wealth of experience driving significant growth across all digital marketing channels. An asset to any high-growth business, Liz is hugely commercial, able to deliver a high-performing marketing strategy spanning multiple channels. Most importantly, she's an absolute pleasure to work with, a fantastic communicator and brings a high level of energy to any team'.
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